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Dingyao Kiln Octagonal Ritual Vessel(or Sound Producer) with Engraved Animal Heads
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Song Dynasty

Height: 5.20 cm;

Mouth diameter: 11.80 cm;

Outer diameter: 16.8 cm

Unearthed at Luoyang in 1960

Brush washer, stationery from the Northern Song, a water container for cleaning calligraphy and paint brushes. The exterior of this object is divided by bamboo-like columns capped by beast heads, and alternating with appliqued lion heads on the panels; each lion has a small ball in its mouth, producing sound just like a bell. This artifact is an outstanding piece of the stationery from the Northern Song period. Dingyao kiln, one of the prestigious Five Great Kilns in Song dynasty, is famed for its elegant and gloss white ceramics, it appeared in the early Tang period, and became the most renowned kiln in the north China of Song dynasty.