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Set of cups with flowers of the twelve months with mark of Kangxi
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Measurements:Mouth diameter 6.60 cm, height 5.00 cm, base diameter 2.7 cm.
Provenance:Given by the Palace Museum in 1958. 

Qing dynasty (AD 644-9)

These cups have broad mouths, deep bodies and ring feet. These 12 flower cups are also known as the I2 flower spirit cups. They feature a blue-on-white glaze, with polychrome decoration on thin porcelain cups, illustrating the symbolic flowers of each of the 12 months, as well as corresponding to accompanying poems. There is one poem on each cup, as well as a seal impression of the character shang [赏] (to appreciate beauty)at the end of each poem. These cups were fired at the Jinde Zhen kiln during the Kangxi era. Each work combines fine porcelain working, calligraphy, verse and seal craft.