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Celadon Ring-formed Ewer with Chicken-Headed Spout
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2021.11.25 16:32:56

Period: Sui dynasty (581-618)
Measurements: Height: 25.2 cm, Mouth Dia. 7.3 cm, Bottom Dia. 6.2 cm
Provenience: Allocation upon a government document

The body is bluish green, and the spout is created in the form of a raised chicken head, in a posture of crowing. With a cup-formed mouth and a dragon head-shaped handle bending downward, seemingly for drinking, the vessel also has a few bands of cord pattern on the neck, with incised ones on the ring-formed body, as well as the round pedestal, which fully represent the exquisiteness of the pottery-making craftsmanship of the Sui dynasty.

The chicken-headed spout ewer, a typical vessel of south China, was initially fired in the Yue kiln of the Zhejiang; its discovery in the Central Plains provides a physical example for our study on the cultural exchange between the south and the north in dynastic China, and also provide an evidence for the research on the celadon making in Sui dynasty and the ceramic development of China.