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Porcelain plate mould with incised human figure decoration
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Song dynasty (AD 960 -1279)

Diameter 23.3 cm

Accquired from the Hebi Kiln Site, Henan province,1963

Of a bulging form, the mould is incised with a deer and two young boys on the base, one in the front, the other in the back. The front boy has a chubby face, with a fringe on his head, a necklace on his neck, he wears a stomacher and trousers with floral designs, with a rope in his hands, seemingly walking the deer; the other boy behind of the deer holds a stemmed lotus pods. A banner covering the back of the deer is designed with a lotus blossom and foliage, and three characters “Zhao Yi Min” on the upper part, which is identical to that in the center of reverse of the mold.

The present plate mould, an object for making ceramics, is discovered at the Hebiji Kiln ruin. With innovative design, superb carving, and realistic expressions, it provides an archaeological example for the study on the ceramic making craftsmanship and pictorial arts of the period.