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Group of painted earthenware servant figures
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Jin dynasty (AD1115--134)

Height range 18--27 cm

Excavated in Jiaozuo, Henan Province,1973

The male servant figures in the group are wearing black dongpo turbans adorned with flowers.They wear long robes on their upper bodies, bound round the waist by cloth belts that encircle their bellies.Their feet, clad in black shoes, are partly hidden beneath each of their gowns.They are all holding different tools. Each figure stands on a square base.

The female servant figures have their black hair combed into two topknots positioned behind their heads.The heads of some are adorned with flowers and some wear male-style turbans.These female figures wear earrings and necklaces.They wear red-collared smocks over floor-length robes, with elaborate silk belts around their waists and black shoes on their feet. Each figure stands on a square base.