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Terra Cotta Model of Granary Building Painted with Landlord Collecting Land Rent
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2021.09.27 16:25:05

Period:Eastern Han (25--220 CE)
Measurements: H.70 cm, L. 52 cm, D. 20 cm
Provenance: Unearthed in Xinmi city, Henan, 1963

Of a cuboid form, a gable roof with rows of the tile ridge, the roof and the building are detachable. On the facade and the sides, five dougong brackets were created for an imitation of supporting the beams. Beneath the painted window on the left side is a square hole serving as the entrance for delivering the grain. Beneath the square hole, human figures, balcony, stairs were painted. Traces of grain husk were found inside the granary. On the lower part of the building, three holes were made to be the exit for delivering the grains. All the facade, the backside, and two sides bear paintings, the lower part of the facade was painted with colored scene of “Landlord collecting land rent”, which displays the landlord, steward, and the tenants, all in different postures, and grain bags, piled grains, silks, sheep, measuring vessels such as dou, hu, etc., vividly demonstrating the scene of collecting land rent in Han dynasty.
A total of 61 artifacts were discovered from the Han tomb at Houshiguo, Xinmi, with diverse shapes, fine quality, all of them are grey in color, most of them bear colored paintings. All of these objects provides the physical reference to understanding the social development, painting of Han dynasty.