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Green glazed three-story earthenware tower
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Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25-220)
Height 130 cm, Length of Sides of Pool 44.5 cm
Excavated at the Zhangtai Han dynasty tomb, Lingbao, Henan Province, 1972

A square pool forms the base of this tower, containing six turtles, four fish and one duck. There are also nine earthenware human figures on the edge of the pool, one of which is holding a crossbow.

A three-story tower stands in the centre of the pool, with a figure seated in the doorway of the ground level. There are supporting girders protruding at 45 degrees from each corner of each level of the tower, each composed of three arched supporting brackets and one block at each corner. Two figures stand on the balcony of the middle floor playing wind instruments, along with another two holding crossbows, with a fifth figure inside the middle floor of the tower. A four-cornered slanting overhanging roof is supported on the eaves of the middle floor. As on the middle story, there are two wind musicians and two figures holding crossbows on the balcony of the top floor, along with a standing figure within the tower. There is also a four-cornered slanting overhanging roof supported on the eaves, with a scarlet bird at the apex of the roof.