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Stone paixiao(piped reed mouth organ)
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Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC)
Length 15 cm, Width 8.9 cm, Thickness 0.9 cm
Excavated at tomb No.1, Xiasi Chu tombs, Xichuan, Henan Province. 1978

This paixiao is carved entirely of stone, and comprises 13 pipes arranged in descending order of length and thickness. The tops are levelled off, and each of the 3 Pipes is pierced with a round hole, while the base of each pipe is sealed. The longest pipe measures 15 centimeters in length, while the shortest measures 3 centimeters in length. There is a broad band surrounding the upper section of the instrument, carved onto the work to represent a band used to bind the pipes together. Aside from the broken seventh pipe, all pipes are fully playable. This paixiao is exquisitely manufactured, producing a clear musical scale. It reflects ancient China's highly developed production of musical instruments, as practised over 2000 years ago.