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The Epitaph and Cover of Cui Youfu's Tombstone
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2021.07.20 09:39:23

Period: The First Year (780 CE) of Jianzhong period of Tang dynasty (618--907)
Provenance: Unearthed in Luoyang, Henan
Measurements: 107 cm in height (with the cover), 107 cm in width, 22 cm in thickness

In the shape of the truncated pyramid, the cover of the tombstone is carved with 12 characters in 3 lines means “The epitaph of Mr. Cui, Prime Minister of Tang Dynasty, posthumous Imperial Tutor”, and framed with engraved floral scrolls. With the length and width are the same with that of the cover, the tombstone, in a square form, is inscribed with an inscription in 38 lines, each with 42 characters, roughly documenting Cui Youfu's life stories, including information about the four generations of his ancestors, the imperial examinations he took, the political careers, the date of death and the burial place.

Cui Youfu (721-780), courtesy name Yi Sun, a native of Anping, Boling (present Anping county, Henan province) in Tang dynasty. He had successively served two emperors, Emperor Dai, Emperor De of Tang dynasty. In the reign of Emperor De, he was elevated to be the Prime Minister, unfortunately, he died only one year later. The epitaph was clearly carved, with vigorous strokes, is of precious values of historical texts, and it is the genuine embodiment of Tang calligraphy in Seal and Clerical Scripts, thus it is really rare and precious.