Italian Paintings Exhibition
Source: Edit: Time: 2012.02.29 16:25:39

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The Italy Original Paintings Exhibition opened on 23 September in Henan Museum in Zhengzhou. It’ll last one month, from 23 September to 22 October. The whole exhibition covers 49 masterpieces which painted by the world celebrated painters of the renaissance period.

The Italy Original Paintings Exhibition is hosted jointly by Italy Florence Bellini Museum, Xianghai Louige Bellini Art Cultural Scheming Ltd. Company and Henan Museum. These 49 treasures all come from Belinis’ family.

Belinis had a great renown for collection paintings in the world. Especially, Jacopo Bellini, Gentile Bellini and Giovanni Bellini were notability artist during the renaissance. Belinis began to collect paintings and other treasures from the eighteen century. They had collected a large numbers of antiques in eighteen century. Then they set up Belini Museum early in 1704 in Florence. The family had collected paintings for several hundred years up to now. Almost there are 20,000 rare treasures of the renaissance very distinguished in the museum. Now Louige Bellini the curator is the 17th generation progeny of Bellinis. And all the paintings are showing in Henan Museum coming from Belini’s.

The exhibition really attracted many visitors. In the first week, more than 50,000 people visited the famous 49 works. Such a large number was unexpected. During these days, in order to appreciate these valuable paintings, people had to waiting for very long time every day. Such a great passion to see the paintings exhibition embodied that Henan, a famous city of the center of China which have a long history, had a high appreciation for culture.