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Introduction of Huaxia Ancient Music Ensemble

Founded in 2,000, Huaxia ancient music ensemble in Henan Museum has been engaged in protection, research, development and exhibition of ancient Chinese music. Instruments played are replicas of the actual which unearthed from ancient tombs; the music are composed by many experts according to ancient music score handed down to us; the dress performers wearing are reproduction from clothing remains including real dress and pottery musician figurines found in tombs; even our performance scenes are actual from the archaeological materials data. 

Though the years, Huaxia ancient music ensemble have the culture communication performances in the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Cambodia and other countries and received the leaders from different countries and a large number of audiences all over the world; Introduce different theme of the concert: the Concert on Chinese Musical Archaeology Recovery, Chinese Poems Concert, etc, and we have published CD and DVD on different concerts.

You will find at this place the music become an interpreter of an ancient national spirits. It will guide you to trace a cultural memory of and essence of a country.

Show Time:  11:00am    16:00pm 

            (except for the Museum is closed on Mondays,not including legal public holidays)

Location:  Huaxia Ancient Music Hall

Tickets Price:  
RMB 40

Children under 1.1meter are not allowed entry into the hall, children over 1.1meter can enter by the ticket.
50% discount on concessions for over 6 years old students on production of valid student I.D.
50% discount for seniors over 60 years old (including 60 years old) with valid certificate.
50% discount on concessions for disabled visitors.
Half-price discount on concessions for active duty soldiers hold the military certificate.
Half-price discount on concessions for Health care workers hold the relevant certificate.

Please make a reservation at the official WeChat of Henan Museum.