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The provincial culture and tourism conference 2021 held in Zhengzhou
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The provincial culture and tourism conference was held in Zhengzhou in January 2021. The delegates focused on implementing the conference spirit 2021 of the National Propaganda Department, the National Culture and Tourism Department and the Provincial Propaganda Department. 

At the conference, the representatives also analyzed the situation and made the new arrangements. They planned the "blueprint" for the development of the province's cultural and tourism work during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, formulated the "ten practical jobs" of the cultural and tourism work 2021. They will try to make a good opening for the "14th Five-Year Plan" on the cultural and tourism job.

At the conference, the delegates reviewed the achievements on the culture and tourism of Henan and the achievements of the "13th Five-Year Plan" in 2020. It covered on several aspects. The relevant leader said that we have made strictly measures on preventing and control the COVID-19. The cultural and tourism markets of Henan have recovered rapidly. The comprehensive progress has been made on protecting, inheriting and promoting the Yellow River Culture. The capability and quality of public cultural services have been improved significantly. We have got great gains on protecting and passing of cultural heritage. The innovative of the cultural industry was in development. The management of the cultural and tourism market and the comprehensive law enforcement of the cultural market have been comprehensively strengthened. The development of tourism resources has achieved remarkable results. The smart tourism and research have got a great progress. We also made remarkable progress on anti-poverty project through culture and tourism.

At the conference, the delegate analyzed the challenges and opportunities facing on the provincial cultural tourism industry during the period of "14th Five-Year Plan", and stressed that we should focus on promoting the construction of a strong cultural province with high quality and striving for breakthroughs. 

The delegates also made the job arrangements in 2021 at the meeting. First, we must demands in Xi Jinping’s new era ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, further promoting the party construction of high quality engineering, strictly implement the comprehensive governing party responsibility main body, solid and outstanding grass-roots party organization activities, carrying out the ideological work comprehensive leadership responsibility and the typical nurturing selected tree. Second, we should make true progress in all key work, around the center and service the overall situation and get ready to celebrate the 100th anniversary on all the activities related. we should do a good job in drawing up the blueprint “14th Five-Year Plan”. We should make a good planning to accelerate the cultural heritage protection of the Yellow River and promote the revitalization of rural culture and tourism development. Third, we should accelerate the construction of a strong province in cultural and tourism, promote the high-quality development of culture and tourism and promote the prosperity and development of artistic creation and production of fine art. We should organize the major artistic activities, deepen the reform of the state-owned art troupe, steadily promote the training of artistic talents, and continue to carry out the cultural activities benefiting the general people. We should carry out the "Internet + Cultural and Tourism" activities, develop vigorously the smart tourism, implement the public cultural digitization project of Henan Province, and persist in the digital transformation of cultural industries and develop the cultural industry vigorously. Fourth, we should constantly promote the governance capacity of the cultural and tourism systems, and improve the construction of the service security system. We should strengthen the policy and regulation work, improve our ability to support scientific research, strengthen the ranks of cadres and talents, improve our financial support capacity, and strengthen our ability to provide safety and emergency support.