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Henan Museum launches a series of activities for 2021 Fire Fighting Publicity Month
Source: Henan Museum Edit: Chend Time: 2021.11.25 09:19:11

the scene of the fire fighting safety training

the fire fighting safety training course

the scene of the fire fighting safety training

the scene of the fire safety training

Henan Museum launches a series of fire safety training activities.

From November 10 to 17, the Security Department of Henan Museum carried out fire safety training and drills in three batches for a total of more than 200 people from 18 departments throughout the museum. 

The staff of the Security Office mainly explained how to use the fire extinguisher and method of escape. As well as the participants also conducted the fire extinguisher operation, simulated evacuation and escape drill. 

Thus this not only improved the ability of the museum staff to organize and put out incipient fires, but also enhanced the ability to evacuate and escape.  

As an opportunity, this drill activity "Fire Protection Publicity Month" further improved the awareness of all staff, ensured primary responsibility for safety and promoted the continuous improvement of fire protection work. This activity also laid a solid foundation for the fire safety management of Henan Museum.