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Henan Museum and Henan Unicom signs a contract to create the "5G Wisdom Museum”
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Henan Museum and Henan Unicom signs a contract to create the "5G Museum of Wisdom”.

In order to push on 5G applied industry cooperation and the deep integration of museum’s culture and digitization, Henan Museum and Henan Unicom signed 5G cooperation agreements on June 3, 2020.

Wei Haibo, general manager of Henan Unicom, Wan Jie, party secretary of Henan Museum, and Zhang Deshui, vice president, attended the signing ceremony. Wang Zhi, Zhang Deshui on behalf of the two sides signed a contract.

As one of the first batch of national-level museums built by the central and local governments, Henan Museum aims to build a “domestic and world-class”museum. It was an important window to appreciate the cultural charm of the Central Plains and an important bridge to enhance cultural exchanges and cooperation.

With 5G large broadband, Henan Museum was going to build a super-connected museum combining online and offline, virtual and reality.

The audience can enhance the interest and ability of cultural cognition in multi-form and multi-view direction.