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Opening of the "Martyr Pictures Tour Exhibition • Central Plains Cultural Inheritance"
Source: Henan Museum Edit: Chend Time: 2021.09.29 16:06:08

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Opening of the "Martyr Pictures Tour Exhibition • Central Plains Cultural Inheritance" 

In order to do a good job of young people's party history education, Henan Museum cooperated with the other four Museums: Kaifeng, Luoyang, Pingdingshan and Anyang Museum launching the " Martyr Pictures Tour Exhibition • Central Plains Cultural Inheritance "in Henan Museum on September 24, 2021. Senior leaders and key staff from the five museums attended the opening of the exhibition. 

The exhibition showed 78 pieces of pictures selected by the five organizers. They covered more than 21 revolutionary martyrs of Henan province. Such as: Ji Hongchang, Wu Huanxian, Han Dasheng, Jiao Yulu and so on.  

After the opening ceremony, the explainers from Henan Museum and the other four museums narrated lots of real, vivid and moving red stories of the central plain. 

It was reported that this tour exhibition would be lasted by the end of this year in ten museums of Henan province. Henan Museum was the first station. And the exhibition will showed here for half a month.  

During the exhibition, Henan Museum will provide free admission and voluntary explanation service.