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The 10th Summer Children's Festival is sponsored at Henan Museum.
Source: Henan Museum Edit: Chend Time: 2021.07.14 10:45:56

The 10th Summer Children's Festival, is sponsored at Henan Museum.

Ma Xiaolin, the director of Henan Museum gave the prize.


The launch ceremony of the 10th Summer Children's Festival, was sponsored by Henan Museum on July 8, 2018. Ma Xiaolin, the director of Henan Museum, and Ding Fuli, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Museum, and more than 300 students and parents attended the ceremony. 

Ding Fuli first gave a speech and introduced that Henan was located in the Hinterland of the Central Plains. The Central Plains Culture of the upper and lower five thousand years, with "Heluo Culture" as the central area. We should diffuse the culture of the Yellow River, tell well the story of the Yellow River and spread the voice of China are the themes of this year's festival. Henan Museum will lead children to explore the great legend of the "national treasure" and feel the glory of the Yellow River culture.

The central area was also the important source of the Yellow River civilization and the center region of the Yellow River culture. Sound good story of the Yellow River.The theme of this year activities was section. Henan Museum will lead the children in the search for a "National Treasure" great legend, feel the brilliancy of the Yellow River culture, the "enjoy content, learning history, reading, studying science, correct" as the main form, the family general mobilization, spend a summer enrichment, happy, confident significance of the activity was to continue the historical context, strengthen cultural confidence, and gather the spiritual strength of the youth. 

It was reported that the activity was divided into for five sections, first, "Nnational Treasure Explanation little Star" intensive training and explanation evaluation activities; second, the Yellow River culture theme "National Treasure Keeper" Special Training Camp; third, "China by the Yellow River -- A Journey of Yellow River Culture" excellent research class; fourth, the art experience activity of "having an appointment with 'Mud'"; fifth, the theme of the Yellow River Culture. 

The Summer Children's Festival of Henan Museum has been held for ten sessions and constantly pioneering and innovating. At last of the activities, Ma Xiaolin, and Ding Fuli, jointly gave the ribbons of "National Treasure Exposition of Little Stars" to the children.