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The Ox Year of Chinese zodiac is upcoming.
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A zodiac painted sculpture is on display.

A zodiac painted sculpture is on display.

Painted sculptures on Chinese zodiac on display online

Source: Chinadaily

This year was the Ox Year of Chinese zodiac. A zodiac painted sculpture on display recently.

A total of 300 pieces of painted sculptures themed on the 12 Chinese zodiac signs were exhibited online from Jan 23.

The sculptures are selected from more than 1,000 artworks, and will be on display through the website as well as the official WeChat account of the exhibition due to COVID-19.

The event titled "2021 Year of the Ox" Chinese Zodiac Painted Sculpture Annual Invitation Exhibition, is hosted by the Chinese Folk Artists Association, and organized by the Painted Sculpture Professional Committee and the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Design and Research Institute.

During the opening ceremony, an art seminar with the theme of zodiac painted sculpture will also be held online.

The Chinese zodiac is a unique culture and national memory that has accompanied the Chinese people for thousands of years. It is not only the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, but also a precious cultural resource in China.