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The Second Council of Henan Museum established
Source: Henan Museum Edit: Chend Time: 2021.12.23 09:04:28

The Second Council of Henan Museum was established. 

Wan Jie attends the meeting and makes a speech. 

Qu Jing awards Wan Jie a certificate as president .

Qu Jing awards a certificate for Ma Xiaolin .

The delegates take a group photo.

Qu Jing attends the meeting and makes a speech. 

The inaugural conference of the Second Council of Henan Museum was held in Henan Museum on December 20, 2021. The representatives at the meeting seriously summarized the work of the first council, scientifically grasped the mission of cultural and museum work in the new era and fully deployed the key work of the second Council. 

The Decision of Department of Culture and Tourism Henan Province on the Establishment of the Second Council of Henan Museum was read at the conference, the Constitution of Henan Museum was reviewed and revised too. Wan Jie, Ma Xiaolin and Xiao Hong were unanimously elected as the President of the Council, Executive President and the Vice-President respectively. 

"The museum council is an institutional guarantee to implement the autonomy of the legal person of public institutions and stimulate the vitality of the institutions and is an effective way to further enhance the capacity and level of public culture,” said Qu Jing, member of the party group and first-level inspector of the Department of Culture and Tourism Henan Province, attended the meeting and made a speech. 

“The establishment of the Second Council of Henan Museum marks a substantial step forward in the legal person governance structure of Henan Museum and laid a solid foundation for the innovation and development of the museum industry in Henan Province,” said Kang Guoyi, director of museum Department of Henan Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage.

Wan Jie, secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Museum and president of the second council, said that the second Council will inherit and carry forward the good practices and successful experience of the first Council, organize and carry out various activities of the Council according to the Constitution of Henan Museum, complete various tasks of the Council, give full play to the professional expertise and industrial advantages of the council and promote the in-depth realization of the functions of the Council. 

After the inaugural conference of the Second Council, the representatives held the first meeting of the Second Council. The Performance Report of Henan Museum 2021 and the Job Key Points 2022 was reviewed and approved. 

All the council members put forward opinions and suggestions on the construction of the new museum, scientific research, integrated development of cultural tourism and cultural innovation, the application of new technologies for cultural heritage protection.