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Spring scenery at Henan Museum
Source: Henan Museum Edit: Chend Time: 2022.03.16 10:29:18

Spring scenery at Henan Museum  

Overnight,  the flowers of Henan Museum  bloomed luxuriantly. Beautiful spring scenery full of your eyes.
It showed the northern scenery of early Spring in March. 

The tour guides of Henan Museum, in order to provide quality service to the audience, study diligently every day, cherish spring like gold, 

Silently they are working at their ordinary and sacred job post.

Henan Museum has a collection of 170,000 pieces (sets) and is particularly famous for prehistoric artifacts, bronzes from Shang and Zhou dynasty, ceramics and jade wares in its collection. Central plain area is a major cradle for Chinese civilization to thriving, and the precious and exquisite cultural relics excavated here witnessed the development trace of Chinese civilization and also demonstrate the historical development of China.