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Henan Museum holds a mobilization meeting for the "Year of Capacity and Style Building"
Source: Henan Museum Edit: Chend Time: 2022.01.14 10:08:05

The scene of "Year of the Capacity and Style Building" of Henan Museum 

Wan Jie delivers a speech. 

Ma Xiaolin, reads the implementation plan.

Ding Fuli, presides over the meeting.

Members of the leading group of the museum attend the meeting.  

Henan Museum holds a mobilization meeting for the "Year of Capacity and Style Building" .

Henan Museum held a mobilization meeting for the “Year of Capacity and Style Building” on January 10, 2022. The staff studied General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discourse on capacity and style building in depth, earnestly implemented the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on the deployment of the " Year Capacity and Style Building " activities deploying and combined with the current and future cultural and exhibition work situation and tasks, comprehensively launched the “Year of Capacity and Style Building” activities of Henan Museum.   

At the meeting, director Ma Xiaolin first read out the implementation plan of the activity of the "Year of Capacity and Style Building" of Henan Museum. Henan Museum will further improve the ability to reform and innovation, professional capacity, and other five capabilities. We should provide reliable capability and style to ensure building a world-class museum and implementing the strategy on integrating culture and tourism, culture and innovation. 

Wan Jie, secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Museum, made a mobilization speech. He put forward requirements for the construction of the capacity and style from three aspects. Why should we carry out the activities? Which aspects should we improve? And how should we carry out the activities? He said that the whole staff members should further unify our thoughts, inspire our spirit and make every effort to improve our professional abilities. We should identify the weaknesses in our ability and style, find the causes deeply and improve resolutely. We should promote our work with higher standards and requirements,improve our effectiveness. 

First, we should strengthen our study and discussion,constantly improve the understanding. We should focus on learning General Secretary Xi’s important speech on the capacity and style,the cultural relics work. We should enhance the ability of the style construction and realize the high-quality development on an unprecedented strategic height. We should analyze and research to find out more effective measures and methods on about the integration strategy of the cultural tourism and innovation, planning projects of the new museum building and so on. 

Second, we should remain our goals and missions and identify our weakness. As the backbone of Henan Museum, the staff generation 1960s should pass on their skills accumulated in the hundred years’ development. The generation 1970s and 1980s should establish a sense of responsibility and mission as successors. The generation 1990s should set up the sense of responsibility to carry on and "overtaking", give full play to their advantages of individual capabilities. 

Third, we should strengthen the organizational leadership and take the lead in setting an example. The party committee members of our museum should take best exercise on our style and ability. All the departments of Henan Museum should conscientiously organize studying, find problems and gaps, and make rectification. We should push forward with higher standards and requirements, enhance the effectiveness, and promote the integration strategy of culture and tourism and the vigorous development of the museum industry.