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The Explainer Training Class of the Yellow River Basin Museums opened 
Source: Henan Museum Edit: Chend Time: 2021.09.29 16:17:42

the Explainer Training Class opening ceremony

The Explainer Training Class of the Yellow River Basin Museums opened 

In order to further improve the service level of the member units of the alliance and tell the "Yellow River Story" well, the Yellow River Basin Museum Explainer Ability Enhancement Seminar 2021 was held in Henan Museum on September 23, 2021. 

The trainees of this seminar were all the front-line interpreters coming from 36 cultural and museum units of the nine provinces (regions) of the Yellow River Basin Museum Alliance in total.  

At the opening ceremony, Ma Xiaolin, president of Henan Museum, addressed that as the initiator and convener of the Yellow River Basin Museum Alliance, Henan Museum has been focusing on promoting the systematic protection and innovative inheritance and promotion of the Yellow River cultural heritage, strengthening academic leadership, innovative dissemination channels, and promoting resource sharing. 

Ding Fuli, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Museum, introduced the basic situation of the planning and preparation of the seminar, the purposes of the opening course and the characteristics of running this course. 

Kang Guoyi, director of the museum department of Henan Provincial Bureau Cultural Heritage, introduced the developing process of the talented explainers training in Henan Province.  

After the opening ceremony, Ding Fuli gave the first lecture entitled on "High-quality Development and Brand Strategy of the Museum Education in the New Era", which kicked off this new seminar.