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"Walking in Henan·Understanding China-Museum Exhibition Season" is launched in Henan Museum
Source: Henan Museum Edit: Lily Time: 2022.08.04 10:40:22

"Walking in Henan·Understanding China-Museum Exhibition Season" is launched in Henan Museum

guests visit the exhibition

"Walking in Henan·Understanding China-Museum Exhibition Season" opened in Henan Museum on July 28. It was hosted by Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province and Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage and undertaken by Henan Museum and the Museum Institute of Henan.

In the exhibition season activities, more than 300 museums and memorial halls in the whole province will plan to launch more than 160 special exhibitions based on holding permanent exhibitions, and plan to carry out more than 3000 wonderful educational activities such as research tours and public lectures. When the activities start, some special exhibitions in museums across the province will be carried out online and offline simultaneously, so that netizens can visit the exhibitions on the "cloud" without leaving home through the network and feel the power of the museum together.

Henan has a long history and rich cultural heritage. It is the birthplace of modern Chinese museum industry. As a major province of culture and museums, Henan Province has 384 museums, ranking third in the country. The layout of museums in the province is becoming more and more reasonable, and a museum system with characteristics of Central Plains culture has basically formed, with Henan Museum as the leader, municipal and county-level museums as the mainstay, and non-state-owned museums as the supplement. The exhibition season activities will establish a platform for interaction and communication between museums and the public, and help the innovative development of museum exhibitions in Henan Province.