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Call for Global Curatorial Proposal on  Ceramic  Exhibition
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The First Central Plains Ceramic Biennale Exhibition:

Call for Global Curatorial Proposal

As the primary inheriting region of Chinese history and civilization, Central Plains is the birthplace of Chinese ceramics. Located at the Central Plains of China, Henan Museum, boasts a large quantity of ceramic artifacts, and is listed as one of the state-grade key museums which are jointly supported financially by the local and the central governments. To carry on and develop ceramic arts, display the modern masterpieces from home and abroad, and boost the exchange and creation of contemporary ceramic arts, Henan Museum plans to host The First Central Plains Ceramics Biennale in the second half of 2016, thus we cordially invites global curators' active participation in this event.

Requirements for curator:

1.With a rich curatorial experience, the previous curatorial experience and successful international curatorial works completed independently;

2.A keen artistic insight; open-minded, distinctive and creative proposals, know well the trend of the global artistic aesthetics;

3.Well connected with the representative artists in ceramic circles of the major countries, being highly familiar with the traits and styles of their craftsmanship;

4.Adequate organizing and coordinating ability, and competence of team work and project management, be adept at operation of ceramic exhibition;

5.A healthy body, without restrictions on gender and age.

Selection Process:

Preliminary Selection(by mails):

1. Candidates: Curators

2.Proposal submission period: June 1, 2015 - July 15, 2015

3.Documents required:

(1)the curator's CV;

(2)curatorial experience and personal portfolio (exhibition catalogues or documents);

(3)a personal comprehending and summary proposal for the First Central Plains Ceramic Biennale Exhibition(documents)

4.Announcement of results: the results will be announced no later than August 1, 2015. After the experts’ valuation, five curators will be selected for participation in the final stage.

Final Selection(discourse on site):

1.Candidates: curators who passed the preliminary selection

2.Proposal submission date: September 15, 2015

3.Method: curators are subject to come to Henan Museum for making a exhibition discourse personally

4.Curatorial planning program and exhibition outline for the First Central Plains Ceramic Biennale Exhibition.

5.Those who submit a complete proposal and have made a exhibition discourse will receive a reward of RMB¥10,000.00(Henan Museum is responsible for the round-trip expenses)

6. Announcement of results: The results will be announced no later than October 1, 2015. The winning curator will be announced.


Henan Museum

May 26, 2015