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The Notice on the Preliminary Selection for the First Central Plains Ceramic Biennale:
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After study and assessment by the experts, 5 candidates passed the preliminary selection, and will take part in the final selection, the names are alphabetically as follows:

1、Su Zheng-li苏正立(中国台北)

2、Wendy Gers(France法国)

3、Xu Ting-jie徐廷杰(P. O. Korea韩国)

4、Xu Zhao-ping徐兆平(中国台北)

5、Zhou Guang-zhen周光真(中国上海)

The above-mentioned candidates are subject to submit a complete planning program and exhibition outline to Henan Museum, and make a exhibition discourse personally on September 15, 2015

Henan Museum

August 03, 2015