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Visitor regulations

1. Preschoolers and primary pupils shall be accompanied by adults; Senior citizens and the disabled should be accompanied by their relatives; No admittance for the indecently dressed, people with psychiatric problems, drunkards, and visitors with explosives or pets.

2. Senior citizens, the disabled or infirm who need special treatment will get visiting priority.

3. Large items of luggage are not allowed on Henan museum premises, while we offer free-of-charge of left-luggage service in the main pavilion; Visitors can carry around your small items or use automatic bag-storage cupboard by the main entrance.

4. Smoking, cellphone conservations, making a noise, frolic and other things irrelevant to visiting are forbidden inside the exhibition venue.

5. Photography is permitted in both permanent and special exhibitions, but the use of tripods and flash is prohibited. Please take care of safety of yourself, others, and the exhibits when photographing. Temporary exhibition introduced from other institutions may not be photographed according to the exhibition contract, and "No photography" signs will be set up in the entrance and exhibition venue as a reminder.

6. Please protect the environment, exhibits, exhibition facilities and other public facilities, if any damages, compensation must be made according to the price and corresponding legal liability must be asked to assume.