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Tripod Cauldron with Ringed Cover and Bowstring Design
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2023.06.25 17:46:02

Period: Warring State period (475-221 B.C)
Dimensions:H. 33.2 cm, Mouth Dia. 26 cm
Provenance: No.1 tomb of Changtaiguan, Xinyang, 1957

Of globular form, with domed cover, atop which is a beast mask holding a ring serving as the main handle, encircled by a band of bowstring design, which is surrounded by three ring handles, one more band of bowstring design encompassed around the edge. The mouth of the cauldron is slightly contracted, with the rim bending inward, the ledge of the lip supporting the cover, beneath which are two upright loop handles. The bulging belly is decorated with a circle of bowstring.

As the burial site of the Chu state nobles, Changtaiguan tombs yielded a great number of burial goods, including bronze ritual wares, colored lacquer wares, wooden figurines, and bamboo slips. The abundant burial goods fully demonstrate the technological advancement of the metallurgy, developed music and dance, elaborate lacquer ware embellishment of the Chu state.