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Hanging Scroll Landscape Painting By Luo Mu
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2023.06.26 08:34:24

Period: The thirtieth year of Kangxi period of Qing dynasty (1691)
Dimensions: H. 197 cm, W. 75 cm
Provenance: Transference

A hanging scroll landscape painting in freehand style, ink on paper, with the painter’s inscription on the top left corner “Executed at Donghuren Villa in the Summer of Xinwei Year”, under which are two intaglio seals “Luo Mu Si Yin”(Luo Mu’s Personal Seal” and “ Fan Niu” .

Luo Mu (1622-1706 or later), a painter in the early Qing dynasty, style name Fan Niu, sobriquets Yun An(cloud monastery), Mu Xingzhe (Herding Passenger), a native of Ningdu, Jiangxi, lived at Baihuazhou of Nanchang. By following the styles of Huang Gongwang and Dong Qichang, his landscape paintings feature the hollow compositions, dense brushstrokes, which resulted in elegant trees , precipitous cliffs. His paintings exerted a big influence on the painters along the lower reaches of Yangtze and Huai rivers, hence he was the representative figure of the “Jiangxi School of painting”.