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Black Glazed Amphora Vase with Dragon Handles (Hebi Kiln)
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2023.06.25 17:49:38

Period: Tang dynasty (618-907)
Dimensions: Mouth Dia. 13.5 cm, Base Dia. 12 cm, H. 50 cm
Provenance: Transference

Based on the vase with plate-shaped mouth of the Sui-Tang period, the amphora was modeled to be featured a long and slender neck, slightly swelling shoulder, globular body, lower body tapering to the slightly flaring ring foot. The maximum diameter lies at the upper middle part, two dragons server as the handles, with the heads and front paws attached to the mouth rim, the tails on the belly of the vase. The vase was glazed black overall. In terms of decoration, three-dimensional methods such as applique, kneading, modelling were adopted, which resulted in the tall and imposing shape thanks to the varied decorating methods.

Derived from the vase with plate-formed mouth, and ewer with chicken head-shaped mouth of the Northern dynasty to Sui dynasty, the category of double-dragon amphora vase embodies distinct characteristics of ages, and they were primarily popular in the early, Golden Age, and middle Tang dynasty, followed by almost disappearance in the late Tang dynasty. Examples from the Tang tombs were large in number, the white-glazed and tri-colored were dominant, but the black ones were comparatively rare.