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World Heritage Day: "N" Ways to Explore Henan Museum
Source: Henan Museum Edit: kk Time: 2023.06.20 10:30:48

World Heritage Day: "N" Ways to Explore Henan Museum

Poetry, Music, Rituals, Complementarity of Literature and Music

Treasure Hunt in Museum

Huafu Laichao

When World Heritage Day, visitors flocked into Henan Museum with great enthusiasm.
China's 18th "World Heritage Day" was celebrated on June 10th, and Henan Museum organized a series of activities under the theme of "Protection and Utilization of Cultural Relics and Cultural Self-reliance and Strengthening" These activities included artifact appraisal, cultural performances, Hanfu (traditional Han Chinese clothing) parades, volunteer Guided Tour and more.These activities aimed to engage the audience in the experience of cultural heritage preservation, share the achievements of protection, inherit and promote excellent traditional Chinese culture, and jointly build a better life in the new era.
On the morning of June 10th, Henan Museum conducted a free authentication and consultation service for private collectors on its southern square. Several experts provided free consultations on five major categories of artifacts: ceramics, metalware, jade, calligraphy and painting, and miscellaneous items. They also disseminated knowledge about relevant laws and regulations concerning cultural relics, and the visitors brought their family heirlooms and patiently lined up for the consultations, earnestly learning about the cultural relics.
On the day of the Heritage Day, Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of Henan Museum, meticulously prepared a "Poetry, Music, Rituals, Complementarity of Literature and Music" concert with the theme of harmony between humans and nature.
Henan Museum is continuously promoting diverse cooperation and exchange between museums, schools, and other communities. They organized the " Treasure Hunt in Museum " educational activities, providing valuable opportunities for primary and secondary school students to have close encounters with cultural heritage. The students were given the task to search for specific cultural relics in the exhibition hall, observe the relics and read descriptions, collect and summarize information, and engage in group discussions, exchanges, and sharing.
The “Yubo Red” Volunteer Team of Henan Museum diligently held their positions and provides services for guidance on inquiries, and other voluntary services at many locations such as the Lei Feng Volunteer Service Station, Volunteer Home, and Volunteer Information Desk in the exhibition halls. Additionally, in the special exhibitions "Henan in the Ming and Qing Periods," "Bronze Art of the Chu State in the Central Plain," "The Treasures from the Ming and Qing Dynasties" and "Ancient Stone Carving Art in the Central Plain," the volunteers regularly conducted voluntary guide services.
At the "Huafu Laichao" event, which was organized by the Cultural and Creative Department of Henan Museum, visitors dressed in Hanfu (traditional Han Chinese clothing) that seemed to wander between the past and the present. The keynote speaker of the event provided the audience with insights into Hanfu culture, offering a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese attire. Meanwhile, on the first-floor art gallery, the "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Cultural and Creative Exhibition: Nanyang Jade Carving " curated by the Cultural and Creative Department was unveiled. The exhibition featured the renowned "Zhenping Jade Carving," a national-level intangible cultural heritage project, and invited Liu Xiaoqiang, a representative inheritor at the provincial level, to share the history of Nanyang jade and its carving techniques with the audience on-site.