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Jade Arm Ornament
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Measurements: H.2.1 cm, Thk. 0.15 cm, Dia. 6.6 cm
Period: Shang dynasty (c.1600--1046. BCE)
Provenance: unearthed from tomb M28 at Mangzhang of Luoshan county, Xinyang, Henan province in 1979--1980

Shaped tubularly, this jade arm ornament is plain, possessing outer rims that flare outwards while the middle is slightly cinched, translucent, and reddish in pigmentation.

Initial designs of the jade arm ornaments were called yuan (jade discs with a large circular opening). Bracelets, arm ring (armlets), and yuan were initially primitive talismans and hunting implements. When traced back to the Neolithic age, jade presents itself as a preferred material across all of prehistoric cultural regions. Eventually, it evolved to become symbols of rank amongst royals and nobles during the Xia, Shang and Zhou periods.