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The Sword of the King of Yue State
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2022.06.02 16:35:05

Measurements: L. 60.5 cm, W.4.5 cm
Period: Warring States Period (475-221 BCE)
Provenance: Pingliangtai township, Huayang, Zhoukou.

Featuring a long blade and sharp point, a round hilt without the outer handle, and round pommel, the sword bears silver-inlaid inscription in bird-worm seal script, 4 characters on the obverse side “Wang Yue Yue Wang”(lit.king of Yue), 6 characters recorded the name of the blacksmith  on the reverse side.

In Shang and Zhou times, the Chu state was a powerful vassal state in the south of China, in the ensuing Spring and Autumn period, the Chu people marched toward the north to vie for the Central Plain region, during the reign of the King Zhuang of Chu, the Chu state became one of the “Five Hegemons” of the era. Most of the regions south of the Yellow River in present Henan province were inside the sphere of influence of the Chu state, accordingly, abundant heritages and artifacts were left behind. Some scholars believe that such type of sword is presumably the tribute to the Chu state from the Yue state which was conquered by the Chu in the late Spring and Autumn period. After Chu moved the capital to Chen (modern Huaiyang), the sword was brought there.