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White Glazed Flask of Xing Kiln
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2021.09.27 16:34:04

Period: Tang dynasty (618-907 CE)
Measurements: H.18 cm, Base dia. 8 cm, Spout dia. 2.1 cm
Provenance:Acquired upon persuasion

The vessel features a flat upper part but a rounded lower part, fully covered by white glaze, and an upright tubular spout on the end of the top, as well as an arc-shaped ornament on the other end, which flank the arched handle. The body looks like to be made of two pieces of leather sewn together, thus it is also known as Leather Pouch Flask.
Leather-pouch formed flasks were used by the nomadic people for containing liquids such as water, wine, milk, etc., the prototype was made of leather sewn together, the ceramic and silver types which were made by imitating the leather ones did not come out until Tang dynasty.
Xing kiln pioneered the firing of the white porcelain in northern China, breaking the dominance of celadon, and creating conditions for the production of mottled porcelains, especially the polychrome porcelains in the subsequent periods in China.
The artisans of Xing kiln strove for perfection in their craftsmanship, and also learned from the excellent foreign elements, and integrated them to create varied vessels with diversified decorations, thus they exerted a far-reaching influence on other kilns.