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Green glazed sumo wrestling pottery figurine
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2021.03.16 11:15:24

Measurements: H. 6.4 cm
Period: Song dynasty( 960--1279 CE)
Provenance:Private donations/Donor

Glazed mostly green, the lower half of the figurine exposes its white clay body, which features two wrestlers interlocked in full-contact sumo-wrestling. Dressed in traditional mawashi (loincloth) and sporting a topknot on their heads, the two figures in combat present a vivid depiction of battle and the energies portrayed by engaged fighters.

The Song dynasty first saw a peak in the development of wrestling sports due to the initial popularity of competitive sports amongst its populace. Amongst the recreational shows, sumo-wrestling garnered the most attention, and was often featured as key entertainment during court feasts during its time. Even the presence of women in competitive wrestling became a public sports game and whilst this was originally confined to the royal courts during the late Eastern Han dynasty, it soon became a common daily recreation for the mass public.