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Painted twin beasts earthenware bi hu (wall ewer)
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Western Han dynasty (206 BC-AD 25)
Height 39 cm, Width 40 cm
Excavated at Beimang Xiang, Xingyang, Henan Province. 1988

Atop this vessel is a circular lid with a circular hole in it. The rear side of the body of the hu is flat; it has a thick neck, an oval body and a triangular base. The vessel's body features two intertwined snakes, and a thick band of rhomboid and cloud patterns encircle the lower section. Either side of the vessel features one of a symmetrical pair of beasts. A bear stands on the left, and a monster with a human head and a birds body stands on the right.The two creatures are playing with a serpent. The entire body of the vessel is decorated with white, black and red pigments.