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Painted earthenware twin hu(ewer)
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Yangshao Neolithic Culture (C. 5000-3000 BC)
Height 20.I cm, Diameter of Mouths 6.4 cm
Excavated at the Dahe Cun Site, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, 1972

These two hu ewers are conjoined, connected at the side of their bodies; they each have a broad mouth, a pinched neck, an olive shaped body and a flat base. There is an elliptical hole in the sides of their bodies at the point where they connect, and they each have a half-ring handle on their other side. The vessels are each covered with evenly spaced fine-line patterns. The decorative schemes of both hu feature black painted designs on a red painted background.

The craftsmanship of this twin hu is extremely complex, and its design is unique. It is not only a valuable artistic treasure of Yangshao Culture, but also a symbol of friendship between tribal chiefs.