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Stone base with four spirits
Source: Henan Museum Edit: acf Time: 2021.05.14 17:33:59

Period: The Three Kingdoms period (220--280 CE)
Measurements: H. 15.5 cm, W.63.5 cm, L. 62 cm.
Provenance: Unearthed at Penli village, Zhangpan, Xuchang, 1984

Of a square form, this object has a round platform, surrounded by the four spirits in relief: Azure Dragon,White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Turtle, all of them are animatedly engraved, with a plain and rounded shape.

Based on the records of the Xudou, the capital of Wei Kingdom of the Three Kingdom period in the ancient texts, the location is in conformity with the ancient city ruin of Zhangpan township, Xuchang. In the past years, many building components were unearthed at the ancient city ruin of Zhangpan, testifying that this place was very likely one of the capitals in the Eastern Han dynasty. The discovery of this artifact provides the precious physical reference to the exploration of the location of the capital of the Wei Kingdom, and its constructional art.