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Govt, Baidu to jointly create 2,000 online museums
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Govt, Baidu to jointly create 2,000 online museums

The State Administration of Cultural Heritage and internet giant Baidu signed cooperation agreement on Monday in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, to have a better online platform introducing cultural heritage. 

According to the agreement, reached at the ongoing 4th World Internet Conference, more than 2,000 online digital museums will be created by combining efforts from both sides within the next three years. 

The state administration will collect information from museums all over the country as a preparation to establish such huge database. Baidu is to release industry criteria on online digital museum, and select some museums to be promoted globally.

And, about one million entries about cultural relics on Baidu Baike, which is a Chinese counterpart of Wikipedia, will be enhanced in the three years. Other co-produced multimedia channels, such as short videos, are to follow and enable the public to get more knowledge of cultural relics from professionals.