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Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra Boosts“Chinese Bridge” with Spurring Proliferation of Traditional Etiquette and Music
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Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra Invited to the Final of the Twelfth “Chinese Bridge”Global Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students & Closing Ceremony of the First Global Culture and Tourism Creators Conference.

In the evening of November 2nd, Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra was invited to the final of Twelfth “Chinese Bridge”Global Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students, which was sponsored by the Head Office of Confucius Institute and Henan Provincial Government, jointly organized by Henan Provincial Education Department, Zhengzhou Municipal Government, Henan Broadcasting and TV Station, co-sponsored by Zhengzhou Newspaper Group and Henan Satellite Television. The final was held at the studio of Henan Broadcasting and TV Station.

As a world influential Chinese proficiency competition for foreign secondary school students,“Chinese Bridge”was held in Henan this time, attracting 124 participants from the 105 countries in 5 continents, seeing the most countries ever held. Beginning with attending this activity, Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra will has further cooperation with Confucius Institute in the future.

In the evening, the Orchestra was also invited to give performance at the closing ceremony of the First Global Culture and Tourism Creators Conference which came to an end after six months of culture and tourism creation at Baihuazhisheng theater in Xinyang city.

Based on the regional rich natural resources from “Three Mountains”,(abbr for Taihang,Funiu, Dabie) and simple people, the creation activities aim at exploring the grand Chinese history and culture of the Chinese civilization’s birthplace, spreading the splendid Henan stories and the Central Plains’Spirits, and boosting tourism through cultural activities. The performance which represents the highest artistic level in Henan province, brought a grand cultural feast to the audience.

The performance Taiji, combination of ancient Chinese music and Taiji boxing, and a product from the cooperation between Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra and Chanjiagou Taiji of Jiaozuo, Henan, demonstrates the show of Taiji ball in the context of playing of bronze bells, drums, guqins, and other ancient Chinese music instruments, as well as painting drawing, drew frequent applause from the crowd.