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Introduction Overview

Henan Museum, located in Zhengzhou, is a newly-built modern history and art museum. It opened to the public on May 1, 1998.Henan Museum occupies an area of more than 100,000 square meters, with a total floor space of 78,000 square meters.


Henan Museum is one of the oldest museums in China. In June, 1927, General Feng Yuxiang, commander in chief of the National Revolutionary Army and the chairman of Henan Province at that time, brought forward his opinion of “Education is Essential Politics for a Country” in his political programme for managing of Henan. That June, Guo Xujing, Xu Jinquan and He Rizhang were appointed by the provincial government as commissioners under the Provincial Education Office, to prepare construction of Henan Museum under the care of General Feng Yuxiang. The site designated for Henan Museum, was the schoolhouse of the former Legal and Law School, which was located at West Street, Kaifeng Court (Sansheng Temple Street, Kaifeng today) and thus the museum was born.



General Secretary:Wan Jie Tel:0371-63511060

Director: Ma Xiaolin Tel:0371-63511080

Deputy Secretary:Ding FuLi Tel:0371-63511081

Disciplinary Secretary: Ge Jupeng Tel:0371-63511233

Deputy Director: Zhang Deshui Tel:63511071

Labor Union Chairman: Xin Muxiang Tel:0371-63511066  

Assitant to Director: Zhai Hongzhi Tel:0371-63511087

General Office Tel: 0371-63511065、3511063

Finance Department Tel: 0371-63511095

Security Department Tel: 0371-63511101

Publicity and Education Department Tel: 0371-63511237,63511249

Shopping Center   Tel: 0371-63511265 

Logistics Department Tel: 0371-63511018

Equipment Department Tel: 0371-63511096

IT Administrative Department Tel:0371-63511069

Collection Management Department Tel: 0371-63511061 

Research Department Tel:0371-63511064

Library Tel:0371-63511091

Exhibition Department Tel: 0371-63511071

Conservation Center Tel: 0371-6351106