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Grey Pottery Ox-drawn Covered Cart
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Time: 2022-12-06 09:14:20
Period: Western Jin dynasty(265--317)
Provenance: Cart, L.35 cm, H. 22 cm; Ox, H.13.3 cm, L. 24.5 cm
Measurements: Previous collection

Period: Western Jin dynasty(265--317)
Measurements: Cart, L.35 cm, H. 22 cm; Ox, H.13.3 cm, L. 24.5 cm
Provenance: Previous collection

Ox, cart, and wheels were separately made, followed by assembling together to form a set. The cart was covered with a bonnet, whose front end is open, an opened rectangular door on the right side in the back. Under the carriage are two spoked wheels. An ox under the neck yoke stands between the shafts.

Ox-drawn cart emerged very early in ancient China, the ancient texts mentioned that Huangdi, the legendary monarch, deployed ox to draw his cart. Ox-drawn cart was initially used by the commoners for delivering firewood or transport cargoes. The high- class ox-drawn carts didn’t show up until the late Eastern Han, whereas only the nobles were eligible to use them at the time. In Jin dynasty, taking a ride on an ox cart was flourishing, which led to the more and more elaborate models of ceramic ox cart, examples were sometimes discovered on the murals or from the tombs of the Jin dynasty, to some extent, they are not only the epitomes of the real life of the Jin dynasty, but also provide good physical materials for the study of the development and evolution of the transportation tools.