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Jade Burial Suit Sewn with Gold Wire
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Time: 2006-06-12 07:59:59
Period: Western Han Dynasty(206B.C.-25A.D.)
Provenance: Unearthed at Yongcheng, Henan
Measurements: Length: 180cm, Width: 125cm

Western Han Dynasty(206B.C.-25A.D.)
Unearthed at Yongcheng,Henan
Length: 180cm
Width: 125cm

Jade suit was the burial clothes of emperors and high-rankingnobles of the Han Dynasty. During the Han Dynasty burial clotheswere made by tying jade pieces together with gold wire or silverwire or copper wire etc., according to the nobility rank of thedead. This jade suit was unearthed at a Han Dynasty tomb at Xishan,Mangshanzhen, Yongcheng County. It was the burial suit of KingLiang of the royal family of the Western Han Dynasty. The suit ismade up of 2008 pieces of jade sewn together with gold wire. It iscomposed of the head cover, face cover, upper garment, sleeves,gloves, trousers and foot covers etc., which were made inaccordance with the various parts of the human body.