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Round lacquer box with carved dragons amidst clouds playing with a pearl
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Time: 2019-12-04 09:19:51
Period: Qing dynasty (AD 16414-1911)
Provenance: Acquired from another collection
Measurements: Height 23.5 cm, Mouth Diameter 26.6 cm

Qing dynasty (AD 16414-1911)
Height 23.5 cm, Mouth Diameter 26.6 cm
Acquired from another collection

This box comprises a lid and a body. The outside of the body is vermillion red lacquer, and the interior is black lacquer. The vessel of the body is covered in a base layer of brocade design. The centre of the lid features a carving of dragons amidst clouds playing with a pearl. The shoulder is carved with four dragons suspended amidst clouds. The main designs on the lower and upper sections of the body are identical, while the base is carved with the four immortal mountains, and a band of wave and water patterns. The rim of the lid and the body, and the ring foot are all decorated with cloud and thunder patterns.

Lacquer carving began in the Tang dynasty and flourished during the Ming and Qing. The careful composition and complex and meticulous carving of this box are so richly textured as to appear most three-dimensional. They illustrate the beautifully sumptuous arts and styles of the palace and court.