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Ivory white cabbage
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Time: 2019-12-02 10:46:31
Period: Qing dynasty (AD 1644--1911)
Provenance: Acquired from another collection
Measurements: Length 23 cm

Qing dynasty (AD 1644--1911)
Length 23 cm
Acquired from another collection

This piece is made of carved ivory. The outer layer of the cartage is white, with green leaves, a yellow core and grey roots. The cabbage has layer upon layer of luxuriant leaves. The outer layers are carved with fluent vertical lines. The nodule of the cabbage roots is covered with carvings of flat and broad rhomboid shapes. he four hairy roots protruding from the nodule appear naturally curved. There is a green-bodied long-horned grasshopper atop the front portion of the cabbage, next to which crouches a stationary Qixing ladybird. There is a wild flower on the lower section of the cabbage, with green leaves and a green stalk, and two open heads.

This ivory radish and cabbage are of similar shape and size. As the methods of carving used also correspond, it is quite possible that they were made by the same hand. They also fit with the post Qianlong era fashion for openwork dyed carvings. The artist has employed a highly realist technique, producing works that appear vital and true to life. This reflects the artists meticulous examination of the works’ subject matter, and the exceptional carving of these pieces. This realism also illustrates the artist's fascination with nature and indifference to worldly success.