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Colored Female Figurine in Men’s Garments
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Time: 2023-06-25 17:47:26
Period: Tang dynasty (618-907)
Provenance: Transference
Measurements: H.33 cm

Period: Tang dynasty (618-907)
Dimensions: H.33 cm
Provenance: Transference

Wearing men’s garment, the female figurine features a plump figure with a chubby face, high topknot, vermilion robe with turnover collar and sash at waist, and she also wears a pair of boots. The figurine was realistically and vividly created, demonstrating its striking individuality.

During the early and High Tang period, women addressed as men or Hu-style clothes (the ethnic Hu people) were a clothing fad, accordingly, similar examples dating from the period were archaeologically found multiple times, showing the tolerance and openness of the Tang society.

The garment on the female figurine displays the remarkable traits of the clothes of the Hu people (the nomadic tribes). In the period of Sui and Tang dynasties, Hu-style clothing was a broad concept that encompassed the attire of various border ethnic groups in northern and northwestern regions of the Tang, when it was introduced into the Central Plains from the west, and during this process, under the influence of the clothes of the Han people, thereby, the styles became more simple and popularized, which exemplified the mutual cultural exchanges between the west and east in the history.