Henan Museum
Red Glazed Funeral Model of Pottery Stove with Dragon Headed Chimney
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Time: 2024-01-15 11:09:09
Period: Han dynasty (206 B.C-220 A.D)
Provenance: Acquired upon the governmental notice.
Measurements: H.25.5 cm, D. 45 cm, W. 19.2 cm


Being finely crafted and ingeniously designed, the stove was rectangular in shape, with three cooking apertures, atop which are three pots, and two of them holds Zeng steamers. A curved board on the facade for preventing smoke raised above the stove, under which in the center is an arched fuel entrance into the fire chamber. And a stove god was incised above the entrance. A rectangular wall raised above the stove on the other end with a mouth-opened dragon head functioning as chimney.


Models of stove were ordinary burial goods in Han dynasty. The present example realistically shows the form of the stove at the commoners’ home of Han dynasty, attesting to the fact that the stoves with chimney and enclosed firing chamber were prevalent at the time, thereby it is an important physical reference for the study on the funeral customs and dietary culture of Han dynasty.