Henan Museum
Green Glazed Model of Pottery Waterside Pavilion
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Time: 2024-01-15 11:13:28
Period: Eastern Han dynasty (25-220)
Provenance: Unearthed from the Han tomb at Zhangwan of Lingbao county, Henan province, 1972
Measurements: H.53 cm, W.45 cm, D. 45 cm, Pool Dia. 40 cm


Divided into two stories, fully coated by green glaze, it was exquisitely crafted, and standing on a disc-formed pool which was walled in four sides. On each corner of the wall, stand one cubic pavilion with a pointed-roof. The pool and the walls were decorated with creatures such as fish, frog, tortoise, duck, etc. The two-storied waterside pavilion stands in the center of the pool. On each corner of the balconies of the two stories stands one figurine. The pavilion roof is smooth, but no roof tiles in rows were found.


Xie”, the pavilion, is a wooden building constructed on a high platform, those built near water are known to be “Shui Xie” (Waterside pavilion), they are normally built in the gardens. During Han dynasty, the waterside pavilions gradually separated from the “platform”, but rose from the simple wooden structure, creating an effect of a high-rise in the air, presenting an abundance of vibrancy. The present one is a precious example for the study on the leisure life of the tycoons, the architecture and firing techniques of lead glaze pottery of the Eastern Han period.