Henan Museum
Buddhist Statue Commissioned by Xun Guochou
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Time: 2024-01-15 11:17:41
Period: Sui dynasty (581-618)
Provenance: Acquired upon government notice
Measurements: Dimensions: H.190 cm, W. 100 cm


The limestone Buddhist statue depicts a Buddha and two Bodhisattvas against a lotus pedal-shaped panel. The Buddha seated in the center, with a plump and slightly long face, has the ushnisha on his crown and wears a hanging double-collared kasaya, and a girdle around his waist, seated cross-legged with a meditation mudra on a square sumeru pedestal. Two Guardians, flanking the waist of the pedestal, naked their upper bodies, wearing a long skirt, have their hand raised high supporting the pedestal. Two Bodhisattvas, with halos around their heads, wear crown caps, the silk cap ribbons drooping over his shoulders, sharing the same facial expressions with that of Buddha in the center. The lotus petal-shaped panel behind Buddha and Bodhisattvas was made up of two tall Bodhi trees which are joined together, 8 Buddhist figurines in three tiers were sculpted in the bushy branches of the trees. The back of the statue is plain, an inscription concerning the creation of the statue and the patrons was carved on the pedestal.


By following the style of the Northern Wei Buddhist statues, the present piece features a simple sculpting, with a serene expression and natural demeanor, therefor it is an important Buddhist statue in the transition period that inherited the style of the late Northern dynasty and pioneered the characteristics of the High Tang period.