Henan Museum
Blue and White Barbed Rim Drama Plates
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Time: 2024-01-15 11:29:25

The pair of drama plates shares the same form and regular shape. The barbed rim flares outward, with curved cavetto and shallow depth. The interior was decorated in underglaze blue, with a scene of the drama Romance of the Western Chamber in the center enclosed by a double circle, the demeanor and the facial expressions of the figures were extremely animated. The outside of the circle was decorated with a band of Ruyi-head and flora motifs. The base bears the reign mark of six characters “Made in the Kangxi Period of Great Qing” in regular script.


The subject matters of the drawings on the blue and white ceramics of Kangxi period are abundant and diversified, covering all aspects of the society. The scenes of drama were an important part of the decorations of the blue and white ceramics of the time, the figures were spiritually and spiritually vivid. The combination of literature and artwork made the artwork more expressive and appealing, representing a characteristic of the era.