Henan Museum
Set of Hanging Scrolls Depicting Reeds and Geese
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Time: 2024-01-15 11:31:36
Period: The Tenth Year of Qianlong Period (1745)
Provenance: Acquired from another collection
Measurements: H.206 cm, Overall W.650 cm


The set of artworks, attributed to Bian Shoumin, the bird and flower painter of Qing dynasty, depicts the frolicking scene of a flock of wild geese in the reeds at the early winter. The reeds in the tranquil lake are swaying in the wind, and there are more than ten geese perched under the reeds, whose postures are varied, some in movement, some are static, the scene is imbued with atmosphere of life, fully reflecting the author's subtlety-observing ability. On the left side of the painting, there is an inscription by the author, and under the inscription, there are three seals in negative characters, "Yi Gong," "Shou Min," and "Person among the Reeds.


As a famous painter of the Qing dynasty, and one of the “Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou”, Bian Shoumin was adept at calligraphy and painting, no matter what plants, or fowls, all of them were skillfully depicted, in particular, he was famed for drawing the wild geese in freehand brushwork. In his paintings, the wild geese were realistically rendered and extremely true to life. The present mature works were done in his later years, and they are of great value for the study on the painter's  skills and the flower and bird paintings in the Qing dynasty of China.