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Henan Museum welcomes 17 little craftsmen
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Time: 2022-10-11 15:37:28

Henan Museum welcomes 17 little craftsmen

“I’m so happy to restore ‘cultural relics’ in Henan Museum!”

“I painted a rainbow on this pottery plate. It looks much more beautiful than a paper one.”

Recently, the Cultural Relics Preservation and Restoration Center of Henan Museum welcomed 17 children, winners of the “Best Style Award” at the National Children’s Spring Festival Gala, to participate in the featured study and research course of “young craftsmen in Henan Museum-the restoration and protection of cultural relics”.

After visiting and getting more related knowledge, children made simple restorations of the damaged imitations such as splicing. After restoration, they re-created the plates by painting decorative patterns on them. Children were all proud of their works. 

The course is aimed to allow the public to get closer to the protection and restoration of cultural relics in the new era, satisfy children’s curiosity about and increase their interest in museums, and cultivate their respect for the restoration of cultural relics and the spirit of craftsmanship, as well as their enthusiasm for support and participation in the future.

The course will be launched irregularly in Henan Museum. It will be open to the public and students, and a certain amount of material and tool fees will be charged for participating in the course. Tools and materials can be taken away after the activity.

Relevant information can be found in the WeChat official account of Henan Museum.